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Gather an assortment of paper options and ribbons for your customers to choose from. Either charge a minor fee for the wrapping or wrap for free with a prominent donation jar. After the fundraiser, as you play in your next game, you’ll know and appreciate the community that you represent that much more. Plan the event and get your single brothers or sisters to volunteer their time for the night.
We’ve got a big list of ideas for fundraisers—but believe it or not, there are even MORE out there! Each fundraiser has a different purpose and goal, so it’s important to find the ones that are right for you. Quick Fundraising Ideas may have already decided that crowdfunding makes the most sense for your funding needs. But if you’re on the fence or haven’t looked into the wide variety of business loans out there, you might want to consider alternatives before you start your campaign. Crowdfunder is a unique Kickstarter alternative, as this platform is designed to offer backers with equity in the company itself, rather than perks and products in exchange for their funds. Of course, that means you’ll need to give up a portion of your stake in your company, but you may benefit in the long run from recruiting a pool of engaged investors as a result.
Encourage your kids’ creativity to bloom by hosting a crafts camp. For this perfect after-school event, set up tables with crafty activities like finger-painting and paper lantern-making and let your kids’ imaginations run wild. Encourage your kids to get on stage or display their masterpieces and have people “vote” for their favorite talent by donating to individual fundraising pages. Looking for a fun activity to take your kids’ minds off the insufferable summer heat or bitter winter cold? Turn classic summer and winter activities into a fundraising opportunity by organizing the ultimate water balloon or snowball fight. Charge for admission to join in on the fun, divide kids into teams, set up a few forts to add to the experience, and let the fun commence.
Caitlyn is a freelance writer from the Cincinnati area with clients ranging from digital marketing agencies, insurance/finance companies, and healthcare organizations to travel and technology blogs. She loves reading, traveling, and camping—and hanging with her dogs Coco and Hamilton. BetterWorld’s platform can streamline your ticketing process without taking a chunk of your profits. Read-a-thons have been going for decades, and for a good reason — they combine academics with fundraising to encourage students to embrace both.
Accessible Intelligence, a sister company, offers AI and machine learning to help analyze donor actions, suggest recommendations and predict and produce strategic outcomes. The easy-to-use, flexible and unified dashboard renders pages in over 140 languages. Multiple currency payment ensures easy online donation collection from anywhere in the world. Ulule calls itself one of the best crowdsourcing websites for makers. They focus on direct funding to individuals and are among the all-or-nothing funding sites.
Most Goodwill stores offer free donation pickup services, especially for larger items. Since 2009, over $4.6 billion have been pledged and 172,129 campaigns have been successfully funded. The company launched the Kickstarter Film Festival and won an Oscar for the project. Kickstarter has an automatically updated stats with success rates, amount pledged, and data on successfully and unsuccessfully funded projects.
One unique feature of Fundly is its CRM for nonprofit organizations to help them track donations/donors, volunteers, and service recipients. Please complete the form below with the event details to get in touch with our staff. We will check it out, make sure our calendars line up so our staff can attend, and get back to you for approval (usually within 5-10 business days).