Food, fellowship and fundraising: Grace Christian Counseling Center turns 25

Let people know whether there’s food and drink provided, if there’s somewhere to buy their own, or if they should eat before or after. You’re now well on your way to planning a stellar silent auction. Before the event draws near, make a decision about how you’ll run the bidding process.
Guests have the flexibility to submit or raise their bids until the silent auction concludes, and the person with the highest bid ultimately wins the item. Preparing bid sheets is a lot of work and they must be double and triple-checked to catch errors throughout the bidding period and after. With charity auction software like CharityAuctionsToday, you create the auction, add the items, and the winner of the auction is decided and billed automatically.
Organizers of the 71st annual Lord’s Acre Festival plan to welcome hundreds again this year, hoping to do so amid dry, crisp start-of-fall weather. The SoLSTAY fundraiser for the Lake Erie Foundation will take place from 4 to 7 p.m. Beyond local recognition, the two organizations hope to drive conversation about keeping the lake clean for future generations, he said.
The first-place winner is obliged to pay for the item they won, while the second-place bidder and other participants who didn’t win are not required to make any payment. This ensures a fair and transparent system where only winning bidders pay for the items they successfully acquired through their bids. After the auction, organizers will contact the first-place winners to arrange payment and item collection or delivery, while non-winning participants have no further obligations. Running a successful silent auction takes careful planning and execution.
Another strategy is to limit the number of live auction items and reallocate some premium items into a super silent auction. It just depends on if your event has too many live or silent auction items. With ClickBid’s online silent auction software, your donors don’t even have to download an app to bid. All they have to do is click a link and then they can instantly start bidding.
People are coming to support your organization, but what’s on the auction block is a major draw. Get folks jazzed up and buzzing well before the event by announcing juicy new items as you procure them. Post announcements on your website, on Facebook, in tweets, and via email. As the event nears, publish a “hot sheet” that lists your most tempting goodies (as well as a couple of perennial favorites). Before you can jump into running your silent auction, you’ll need to bring together staff or volunteers to tackle planning tasks. silent auction websites used to drop off an item and receive a receipt from the center.